Why are viewportframe so undetailed?

Hey so I scripted a model to go into a viewportframe but I noticed it was extremely undetailed.

For reference this is the viewportframe

and this is the actual car

So how do I fix this super undetailed mess of viewportframes

update: 3/27/24 no solution. What do you guys think?

It’s because viewport frames are limited with rendering

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is there any way I can fix this or any alternatives? Should I switch to images instead

It could have something to do with the size of the frame, but images would be your best bet for quality

yea but it would take forever… (50+ cars)

You could look up a vid on yt. People have tons of quick tutorials.

You probably should have addressed the problem earlier. That’s just something that happens with game development.

Here’s a video showing the differences. Idk if it’s still relevant because of the age but I think it also depends on what the quality settings are in studio video

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Pretty sure latest client supports putting a sky into a viewportframe try that you might get back those missing reflections as that’s all that’s missing.