Why are webhooks only working in studio?

Hey Devfourm!
I am trying to have a system where it tells me when a player joins the game via discord webhooks.
It works in studio but not in game and I don’t know how to fix this.

local url = "" ----- webhook link goes here
local http = game:GetService("HttpService")

		local data = {
			['embeds'] = {{
				['title'] = "**Player Joined!**",
				['description'] = plr.Name .. " has joined the game."


		local finaldata = http:JSONEncode(data)
		http:PostAsync(url, finaldata)


before anybody asks I have http requests enabled already

I think discord has been restricting requests sent from Roblox servers due to a lot of people abusing their apis / not respecting rate limits that sort of thing.

If you look into the response data it should tell you more about why the request didn’t work

Do you know any other alternative apps I can use with webhooks to update myself on server info?

Your best bet is some kind of proxy. That way you make the same requests from the game to the proxy, and then the proxy deals with discord.