Why aren't ROBLOX developers using passive lore?

Hello! I am pandap153, a new lore writer.

I want to see your views and thoughts about this way of telling a story.
I want to discuss passive storytelling. Take an open world RPG and give it some ruins, places to go. Places that tell stories without dialogue in such a good way, and it turns into something remarkable. Why don’t games with much lore use this?

It isn’t just good for the players, it’s good for developers too. It can open up marketing for DLC Gamepasses to unlock new areas in the game to explore, or more things to do that will open up more passive storytelling to keep your players interested for more and coming back to play again.

It also makes it easier for developers to combine dialogue with the terrain. They explain things with terrain, not with dialogue. In my view this is a way better way of telling a story, and it is so much better in the long run.

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I am not sure about that. Maybe it is hard to implement the idea.
In my opinion, the best story games with the same lore are the ones made by @SamsonXVI.


Remember that mosts of the player are children from 6-8 years? That explains much. Such games are for older audiences. And even of someone tries that, maybe someone tried it already and the game wasnt successful. As said, it’s not sure if you would get enough profit from making that, so most developers stay on their safe spot, aka generic games that are lame, but still work


I completely agree, but some day those people who play these games are going to get bored of it, even if more updates come. That’s why I think a game like this made in a few years could be really profitable.

This surely belongs to #help-and-feedback:game-design-support.

An experience like this would be nice, but creating gamepasses to unlock special areas is not very “loyal”. I would like an experience like this.

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The Roblox player base age range is probably the primary reason. The benefits don’t out the costs as kids often overlook stories in games and just play for the mechanics.

Looks like this was already mentioned


Thanks for telling me about where this should go category wise, and what I meant about gamepasses for special areas isn’t what I really meant. I meant like DLCs that unlock more parts of the story, like how game companies do it.

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I don’t think this would be a great idea either.
Your story must be very good if you want people to buy a gamepass to unlock more of the story. People wouldn’t pay instantly for everything in the experience.

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I agree, although take what I said with DLCs as if your looking for monetization on a game that has an amazing story already, which would be another discussion for another day.

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Well, then why are there so many copy-cats of tycoon, simulator and obby games? From personal experiences, young people can play the same genre of games for months if not years. Lets say someone plays for hours some obby. When they get bored they switch to another obby. That sounds stupid but that’s what I see everyday in my life. So at final, the same type of game still works. Older audiences care about quality and game genre, but children dont. If you have any young sister or brother that plays roblox then you will understand what I mean

I understand that but what I mean is all of the games on the front page aren’t directed towards the older ROBLOX players, which makes it harder for them to find fun in ROBLOX. Some people don’t understand that children aren’t just “I need obbies, and adopt me and that’s it!” There’s at least one group of kids on this platform that prefer games like this and don’t know how to find it. To make a game like this would allow that group and the older people to all have a good game that they can ‘discover.’

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Not necessarily. There is the occasional especially bright kid who understands the story that the environment can tell. Also, most kids can get a general feel of the mood, even if they don’t understand the deeper aspects.

Edit: I can say this because I was one of those kids. If you think I’m flexing or something, I can tell you this: I became fluent in LUAU at 11 years old.

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Let’s look at it like this:

Take Piggy as an example. They do have lore/storylines incorporated into the game, however only the older group of people (12 ish and up) that play it actually get into the storyline and the lore of the game. Whereas the younger group of people who play it (mostly around 6-8) just play whatever map they get put into, not realizing there is a storyline incorporated into each map. So yes, I’m completely for games with storylines and lore, though take into consideration that if it is intended for a younger audience, the lore and the plot won’t be looked upon as much.


As for adding gamepasses to unlock more, that’s not really the best. It would be better to just keep it free or not to incorporate any special sections at all.