Why aren't there many solutions in the support category?

As a new member trying to become a member, I’ve always struggled in the support area. It’s not that the process to get member is flawed, it’s that people aren’t using the forum how it should be used. Many times, support questions never get solutions. This makes it harder to gain that reputation and experience to reach full member.

Are there any opinions on this? I’d love to hear other experiences on the situation.


That’s why I ask users in DMs to mark solutions mainly because people tend to spam the same thing over and over when there’s no solution marked in the thread.


I used to put a reminder at the end of my posts to mark my post as the solution if it helped. But you can do what @Krunnie says also.


I’ve had it a few times, and I can say it’s a bit frustrating with that fact that they like your post and never press the apparent button or give it to another user who posted after you.

In the end though, I don’t care too much.
Afterall, it’s just a green check mark and the member requirements most probably do not just revolve around solution count.


The category does not promote users finding the best solution because of the posts being ordered based on activity and not based on how good of a solution the community rates it to be. Often, laymen go off on a long tangent before someone knowledgeable comes along that can actually answer the question properly, and chances are by that point OP is already thoroughly confused and won’t know how to separate that good answer from the rest of the topic.

Sites like StackOverflow handle this much better by sorting the solutions by vote count, and clearly distinguishing discussion within solutions from the rest of the posts, and that’s why you see a much higher solved ratio there than on forums like these. Discussion forums aren’t really great for troubleshooting because nobody wants to scroll through all the pages and read all the posts to find the answer.