Why can I not post in the 'Public Collaboration' Category

Hello, so recently I have been trying to find a map builder for a game I am working on so I decided to try and make a post on the public collaborations category, only to realize that I was not able to make a post there.

At first I thought it was because maybe I wasn’t a trusted member yet (Despite being an active member for over a year) but then I checked the Public Collaboration FAQ Thread and saw this:


Apparently all (new) members can create topics in that category, but for some reason my “Create Topic” button is greyed out and I can not post in this category.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance for any help

No bug, if you want to post a topic in that category you have to do it on the home page of. The DevForum know.


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You can’t post in #public-collaboration directly.
You need to choose one of the subcategories #public-collaboration:public-recruitment or #public-collaboration:public-portfolios.


I knew I was missing something, thanks for the reply!

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