Why cant i copy and paste my own scripts into a new place file?

I’m trying to copy and paste all of my scripts from my old place to my new one (working on a new map) but for some reason all of a sudden the scripts don’t work in the new place file. I’ve done this before with no issues.

What are the scripts you are trying to copy over? Usually this is caused by the script dependencies not existing in the new place.


If I had a script in Place 1 and it’s contents were:

local MyCoolPart = workspace.CoolPart

MyCoolPart.Transparency = 1

and I pasted it into Place 2 which does not have a “CoolPart” in workspace it wouldn’t work.

Your output should let you know exactly what is missing. Make sure to always have your output open when fiddeling around with your scripts, since it will print an error if there is any. Also if the script is waiting for a object to be present, then it can take a couple of seconds, before there comes a warning in your output window.

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try ctrl + shift + s
shortcut to save the game?