Why Can't I Enable CoreScripts( Not An Option?)

So some time ago I remember being able to enable corescripts and looking through them. Well when I installed studio on the new PC, the option is not even there?
Heres the image:

Does anybody know why it’s not there? or am I looking in the wrong category

I enabled them in the past but I found no use for them

Did you have an option to enable them?

I just realized I had enable Core_GUI not core scripts

I have never seen an option for core scripts

I have CoreGui Enabled
You can see in the image

I don’t remember this being a thing? Unless you mean this? (But I doubt that’s what you’re talking about)

I remember there was one called “Infinity” which just required another script, they all seemed to require another script in the corescripts folder, they looked like module scripts, could this have been or glitch or a beta program feature? But I do remember being able to view the core scripts. The folder even had an icon

This was most likely a glitch as I can’t find anything about it ever being a feature

Alright, It probably was a glitch but I do remember them being there