Why cant I make it so someone can edit a game

Hello! Recently I have been hiring people to work on my game. but when I add them to the permissions it says they can only play and I cant put them on edit here is a screenshot of what I mean. [I am friends with all of them]

Screenshot (119)

If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Enable team create? (View > Team create)

Not sure if I’m

I did that before I even added him

You should activate team create in Roblox Studio. Then add them by username. I’d recommend using a group instead since it’s a lot easier.

Pretty weird, maybe try to reopen studio.

ok thank you I have a second group with a bit of robux so ill use that to make the group

I tried that but it did not work

Did you refresh the game and did you private it. After you set the username of your friends to “edit”

I forgot to mention this is a backup file does that mess up anything?

its private but my friend @bitterman1021 can edit it

there made it public let me try now

still is not working I really have no idea why this is happening

probably a glitch try to wait for the next studio update and see if that fixes anything

I found out why I friended them on this account but I made a alt for the game.

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We all make silly mistakes. It’s good that you figured out what the problem was.