Why can't I make this any smaller?

Hello Everyone,

I’m making a flashlight for my game, Evening the the Desert, but it’s not resizing correctly. Here is a GIF of the issue:


Does anyone know why this is happening? Has this also happened to you? I could really use some help.

If you need more information, let me know. Here is some basic info:

There are meshes in the object. I am using Lua Draggers Beta, which could be the issue.

Thank you so much!

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One of the parts has hit the minimum size bound of 0.05 studs and since it can no longer be made smaller, it prevents the rest of the assembly from resizing with it.


Check your building increments, you’re probably resizing it by 1 stud or higher. Make it lower.
Edit: and also the limit is 0.05, so that’s also another possibility too.


@EtiTheSpirit | How would I change it so I can make it smaller?

@1ik | I am resizing it by .1 studs, if that helps at all.

You can’t, unless you change the build. 0.05 is the limit of the engine itself.

By changing the build, I mean you have to resize the part that hits this minimum so that it’s larger.


So there is not a way to make this model smaller?

Remove the smaller part that’s 0.05, you should then be able to resize it more efficiently.
flashlight Referring to this area, btw.

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How would I find which one it is?

You could also import it into blender or any obj converter and create a mesh with different textures which would be just like the model then you could resize the mesh to be smaller (not under 0.05 studs tho)

  • To do this you need to right click the group of parts then click on export. Then save it to a folder

  • Then open up blender/obj converter and insert the object into the scene

  • Then you can create textures/mess with the object

  • After the object looks good just do File > Export and click the export as obj!

Then just insert the meshpart into your game and you can scale it as far down as 0.05,0.05,0.05! :smiley:
Hope this helped :smile:

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I tried removing it, still did not work.

I am going to try that now. Thank you for helping!

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View every size property of every part to determine what part is preventing it from getting smaller.


There’s a plugin I use to resize models when they are already small but not enough, Scale Model - Roblox

It may be a little weird when using but it sure does the trick for me, it scales as low as it can get


Unfortunately that did not work, thanks for trying.

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That helped me fix it, thank you so much!