Why can't I play games in VR anymore?

It’s been a full year, maybe even longer since I last played roblox in VR on my own PC. I’ve tried installing and reinstalling both steamvr AND roblox, removing any trace of either from registry, clearing cache, etc. Literally everything I can think of. Nothing has worked at all. There’s not even a VR option in the menu! I am using the HTC Vive.

Honestly I haven’t really cared, but with this most recent ROBLOX update, literally a few hours ago, steamVR starts automatically when I run roblox. I decided to give it a try, and nothing! I checked roblox’s logs and it said “VR_IsSteamVRRunning returned false” when SteamVR was in fact running. What gives?

I originally had the same problem, redownload the roblox app this will shortly fix it until it stops
if it stops again then make sure you have the latest roblox edition,

if it keeps not working, wait 7 days, sometimes it fixes itself
if it keeps keeps not working you can search how to enable vr with files on youtube

if its already enabled then heres the most annoying but working method,

go in vr
start up the new roblox app on your pc, this will usually crash, just try other methods
then slowly wait for it to load for about 20 seconds, cause if you dont it will crash,
select a game while looking at the app on your pc, not on vr
then wait for it to load for another 40 seconds, then select play
this should work, if it crashes just try other methods

and if this doesnt even work (this worked for me when all the other methods stopped working after a month, but if it doesnt work still heres a thing that might help idk if it will)

try running the roblox game in administator, like start roblox up on default using it

this will permanently bug roblox so that you will need to use administrator and redownloading will not work

so use at your own risk with the administrator one

Hey so I did the wait thing, and it still doesn’t work. After a while the game loads, but not in VR.

I did try changing my SteamVR version to the oculus beta and I finally got the “Now playing RobloxPlayerBeta”, but the game still doesn’t start in VR, and it only loads after I exit out of VR completely.

Oh no I remember trying roblox to run as admin a while ago in an attempt to fix this issue… does that mean it’s bugged?

Uninstall Roblox and install it to your local user.

The HTC Vive is not recommended to be used with SteamVR and Roblox. Try running HTC’s recommended program for running VR programs.

Roblox is installed to my local user, I don’t think I can install anywhere else even if I wanted to.

SteamVR is the recommended program for HTC Vive. It installs with the headset.
Should I install SteamVR to my local drive as well? It currently sits on a different drive.

I wasn’t aware of that. I heard earlier that people had an issue with SteamVR starting in the background on top of the Roblox client and said that it was an issue.

I’ve heard in another thread that others have had issues with SteamVR on a different drive. Try this.

I have this problem as well. It’s a minor inconvenience. This is the reason I tried playing roblox in VR again.

Tried that, didn’t work. Tried every single beta, added roblox to my steam library, and reinstalled both numerous times. Nothing at all.