Why can't I see previous edits anymore?

A week or two ago I could actually click the orange Edit-icon to see what changed.
Now I can’t anymore, and it’s annoying me a lot.

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Normal users can’t view edit history anymore because bad content may have been edited out, and there’s no point in that if anyone can just see previous versions.

Why not lower the “normal users” to “guests”?

I moved the thread to the inception forum so it can be discussed properly. I wasn’t involved in the decision to hide edit history. @UristMcSparks would be able to tell you more.

If you voluntarily delete your post, why should others be able to see it? You determined that it wasn’t appropriate for the forums, so there’s no reason for other people to be able to view it. If it was something really bad and you saw it before it was deleted, you can still flag it.

In that case, if you delete a post it shouldn’t hang around there for a full 24 hours, if anyone saw the post before it was deleted they will most likely flag it within 15 minutes? (I guess this is off-topic but whatever)

There’s a relevant “Let other users view my post revisions” setting in your preferences that supposedly does what it says, if anyone is interested.

My post asked if I was supposed to be able to see certain properties of the Terrain object. I asked Arseny on IRC instead of the forums and deleted my post as I had found the answer.

(Figured I’d let you know anyway)

In the future please edit your post with the answer you received so that others can also benefit from the information.

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