Why can't I tell a verified user on talent hub that is over 13 years old my discord tag?

Every time I apply for a job post on talent hub I would always include my discord tag in the application message without any problem but just recently I got a warning on my profile for directing users off-platform. I’m not entirely sure if it’s because of my latest application message but Im assuming it is. So I don’t know how to apply anymore since some job posts specifically require you to have a discord account I don’t really get it. (I had a few people that were unverified that I told my discord tag without any issues or warnings so I’m even more confused about this.)

Some screenshots:
Warning I got:

What shows when I view the application message:
10th ring of hell

Edit: I didn’t paste any sort of links in my application it was just a discord tag.
Edit 2: Wording*
Edit 3: “Bad request” appears on every new application after the one on the second screenshot? No idea why

I think roblox is pressuring users to go to guilded (because roblox owns guilded), and it makes sense to me, they might be in a country where discord is banned but roblox isn’t, and these are:

  • Egypt
  • Oman
  • United Arab Emirates

Roblox banned me for Guilded link it is not that at all
Most likely Roblox found out that the users were underage and decided to ban for posting off-site links that are required to be 13+ to join