Why can't I upload this human skin texture?

it’s just a skin texture soo why

i tried this

also didn’t work so i gave up

and why did this get accepted

I truly question Roblox moderation.

Also just report the bloody asset lol.

The first one was moderated by an experienced moderator. And the second one was moderated by a kid.

I don’t know what the above two posts are talking about, but there are three potential problems:

  1. There’s an external link on your texture, which is not allowed.
  2. You can’t upload assets to the site that allow avatars to appear naked or in undergarments.
  3. Texture is too graphic.

I’m not Roblox Staff and none of these are authoritative remarks. Please contact Support for assistance with uploading assets to the site or appealing moderations you feel are incorrect.


First one includes small text, which can be considered “unreadable text”. The auto-moderator just detects small text that can’t be read properly and deletes your asset automatically. Censor the words and it will most likely pass. Believe it or not that’s probably the actual reason why it got moderated and not the… lot of skin.

Not really sure about nudity on Roblox, some Attack on Titan games get away with literal giant naked people walking around but some have been asked to be censored, for some reason. It’s most likely fine as is but maybe put some underwear on (and male nipples are questionable tho, i’d censor them in your case to be safe lol).

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Tried covering the small text didn’t work oof

This however got accepted

where do i find external links if there is one?

It’s the “small text” in the bottom right corner of your image.

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oh then it didn’t work even if i covered it up rip