Why can't the owners of groups redeem robux?

I’ve been trying to redeem robux from my group I’ve owned since august and this is showing up? Is this a new update


(Sorry if wrong catagory.)


Not sure. If you created the group, it shouldn’t be doing this. I’ve seen that this has happened for newer members of groups though, due to a new rule to prevent bots. It may be a glitch, so try again later or contact roblox about it

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This is a measure mostly implemented to reduce botting and scamming.

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I don’t know, try changing the group owner to an alternative account and paying out. There was an update for new users in a group to have a week to wait.

(Also this is supposed to be in #bug-reports:website-bugs)

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I really don’t like that. I mean- I understand why they did it, but it’s really not helping prevent bots, once again it’s affecting group owners. Now, I’m going to have to make my groups owned by holder accounts in-order to be able to pay myself out.

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