Why can't we access NIL and how and why exploits can?

Hi. An old friend of mine found on internet some downloaded game that was saved by some exploit. I saw that it has a folder named “Instances in Nil” and that it was saved by “Dex”. It has Adonis_Client folder inside of it. Is there any way we can remove, add or edit things in NIL? I always was curious where are some things loaded like admin commands or a way we can edit some things that aren’t available in for example Adonis’ config. And another, if normal Roblox localscript can’t access Nil, then how and why exploits can?

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nil isn’t a container. There are no good use cases for developers to access things parented to nil. The way exploits do it is by iterating over every instance in memory, checking its parent, and adding it to a Lua table.