Why custom character not working, and falling?

Hello devs!
This is short topic, but i need help with startercharacter.
Character have diferent proportions:

but if game starts, character model falling and humanoidrootpart have bugs:

Character .rbxm file:
Character.rbxm (14.1 KB)

Have a nice day!


From the out put it say you do not have a right shoulder. Also have you welded the character? If so check if you have all the required parts for the humanoid

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I have?

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Why do you have double torso in your character? Also if your animating it you should use constraint’s instead of welds

I can’t answer, sorry. I left the model file just in case.
(Sorry for bad english, i using translator)

I can’t access the file right now due to the device I’m use but I’ve found a video that might help you rig it.


Thanks, but I’d rather wait until you have access.

I’m sorry but I won’t have access soon

I already know) Sorry to bother you.