Why did I got 2 warnings for uploading those images?

I just got 2 warning for uploading this 2 images of Tommyinnit ( dont ask why )

image (21)

Roblox those images dont have anything wrong
and i got 2 warnings
please roblox, check that out i dont want to get banned for nothing


They don’t like when people upload human faces because it’s considered exposing personal information which is against Terms of Service.


oh so its wired, im seeing many games with face decals

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Probably because the moderation system detected a human face and you are not allowed to upload personal images, even if it isn’t you.

Not sure about the games with the face decals you mentioned, probably somehow got through, odd


According to Google, TommyInnit is 17, meaning he is considered a minor in the US. This, alongside the rule prohibiting images of real-life people (where doing so creates a safety risk), is most likely why the images were declined.

If you feel the images were incorrectly moderated, you should try contacting either Roblox Support or the Mod_Review_Requests group who will review these photos, but it’s highly unlikely they will approve the images for the reasons above.


ROBLOX does not allow images of irl photos, as it is considered exposing personal info. I don’t suggest posting these.


okay thanks, i archived all the decals thanks for the info


I don’t know who he is, but it looks like he’s a famous person, I don’t understand how Roblox can’t approve of this.

If I have also seen stickers of celebrities like Will Smith, Albert (Flamingo) or even Jojo Siwa, but I don’t know how Roblox takes that of “accepting” decals of celebrities in Roblox.

Contact the support you can tell them who you mean by the person you uploaded, you can clarify that it is a public face and you can make them check if you really tell the truth.

And please do not upload any more decals on faces even if they are famous you can put yourself in danger of a very strong ban.

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Roblox detects it as a real face and will warn you for it. IRL photos are not allowed.

Roblox moderation is automated. It may just be an issue with their system.
I know for a fact that their system is automatic, or at least partly automatic, because what moderator would let glue face in?


Part of me is very inclined to ask…

Face uploading can be very tricky sometimes.

They have a system of recognizing the faces of celebrities listed in their system. If none of the faces match their list, it’s considered the face of someone who isn’t famous and considered personal.

Those people are most likely listed in their system of “celebrities” and therefore, are allowed due to their faces not being personal.

@souppression’ info is also accurate as well.

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Roblox’s TOS don’t like it when you upload human features as decals.

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But can you blur it the photo so it doesn’t considered as information?

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