Why did roblox remove the ability to search via classname and how do i fix this?

ok so i was using studio today and I realized that you can no longer search via classname. Which is very VERY bad for my workflow. As I work with developers whom sometimes insert meshes and stuff via the toolbox, so I usually search script in order to see if there are any viruses. Well, today when I was doing so, it returned with literally nothing. Which shows me that they removed the feature of searching via script. This is doing nothing but making my workflow worse. Does anyone know a method to reverse this? Only way I think of doing so is using an older versoin of studio via studiomodmanager.


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There should be a way of doing it with the new Explorer Search Improvements, but I’ll check right now

Edit: yes you can

hmm i dont think so? I checked but I couldn’t find. If you could see then I would greatly appreciate as I havent been caught up with all the recent updates.

You need to have it turned on and write:

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thank god. Thanks for showing me this. Greatly appreciated. Could you link me someplace which shows all the search params you could use in the new explorer search update?

Just search up:
“Explorer Search Improvements” and it should pop up first

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