Why did the tint change in my place?

Hello, I recently reopened one of my projects I was working on to find it with a purpleish tint on the rocks and the mud texture, previously it had a blueish tint that wasn’t overwhelming and now I’m greeted to this abomination.

Has roblox released any updates that could’ve effected either the post or the general colours of the roblox terrain? No one expect me has access to the place and I haven’t fiddled with the color correction.
Here’s how it looked previously.


Check if there are any humanoids in the workspace… That screws up the entire lighting

This could be the cause:

The tint of the environment now changes based on the colors of the skybox. I don’t know how old your place file is, but this update was already released in January.


Maybe it’s because of the texture that you had chosen for the skies, if I was you, I would put away the textures, add the color correction and I would add clouds with transparency over 0.765 to make the whole place less bright.

This place is less than 20 days old, last time I worked on it was 5 days ago. Also the sky gave it a bluish tint with some minor color correction adjustments.

There was a humanoid there always, how come it would change the tint now and not before?

are you sure you don’t have these values set to 1 in the lighting properties?


That causes the blue tint, it was fine with it.


I hope they fix this issue since now I see it’s affecting my other places too…

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My rock material also is quite off in color compared to a week or two ago (This was also something that hadn’t been worked on for a little while, so unfortunatley I can’t pinpoint the exact time it started happening)
We’ve always had the color of the rock for this set to a slightly green tinge, but before hand it would show as a brighter white with hints of green in it - Now it is a very strong green:



Sadly I don’t have any pictures of how it looked before, but the rock was definitely much more bright grey / white and only slightly green. The other materials seem mostly the same from what I can tell.


This will be fixed in the next release.