Why did this message appear on the terrain?

I don’t have any problems, but this message appeared on my autogenerated grass terain on the baseplate. I didn’t put it there and I don’t have any free models or anything implemented. Why is this here? or is it just a coincidence?


I had the sculpt on to see if thats what could’ve caused it, but I didn’t put that message there which is why I am confused


Do you have team create enabled with anyone added to it?

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Did you make the grass generator, or did you outsource it from someone else?
If so, that may be their way of crediting themselves.

Edit: After reading the message, I don’t believe that this was made by the person who made the grass generator, if any. I believe this could be someone asking for trades in the most discreet way possible, through a plugin.


I used the native terrain editor already in roblox studio, the one shown in the screenshot with the auto fill thing

Then I’m stumped. I have no idea how someone does this without plugins added or something.

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Seeing that the sculpt tool is out, probably a coincidence, or maybe you accidentally wrote that message when you were thikning about this post. Probably a coincidence though, happens to me a lot.

I explained why i had it out in my first comment but it doesnt matter anymore i suppose, i understand how suspicious it looks for me

ss your plugins and send the ss here

do you mean this

This looks like something produced as a result of importing an image into terrain.

did you import a heightmap image?

never mind i found what’s potentially wrong

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