Why do I have random group/UGC commissions?

I decided to take a glance at my “commissions” tab today and found a bunch of commissions for UGC and random clothing groups.

I don’t know why I’m getting commissions for groups I’m not a part of, and even more so, for UGC creations.

(Kohls admin is there because I use that in my game, but I have no idea about the rest)

I’m not even in any of these clothing groups, nor have I bought something from them so I have no idea why I get it. My only guess for this is random usernames in the group payouts would be a way to make people look at your store.

Maybe there’s something I didn’t understand on UGC stuff or missed when it came out. But I have no clue about that at all.


Commissions in this sense are from items that you sell in-game, you get a percentage (I think like 40%) of the item’s sale in Robux. Do you sell these items in your game? If not, you have a free model virus prompting people to buy stuff, and they are.


I had this happen to me over a year ago, but I hardly have any freemodels inmy main game anymore. I also havn’t seen any reports of it happening (The game has a 600+ person Discord) so it would have to be pretty rare. Any idea how I could check on this?

(First guess is to run antivirus and search “Asset” and “Marketplace”)

It always could be one of my older games that people visit just because of the main one though, so I’ll look into those. Would explain the like <10 month frequency of them.


Yeah, just search for Marketplace, Asset, getfenv, etc. I would also recommend GameGuard by @deluc_t (GameGuard Anti Virus V2 [ALPHA]) in the future.