Why do i keep dying?

Wasnt sure what to put this under.

Every time i join/test my game, i continue to die, watch the video down below.

robloxapp-20200530-1611376.wmv (255.4 KB)

Could you upload the video to imgur or something similar instead of us having to download the video to view it?

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just play it for yourself…

Have you’ve used any free models or have any odd plugins? It may be a virus (dont worry, wont infect your computer) but its probably deleting your character over and over.

Another thing, any scripts that are altering the character at all? That could also be the issue.

All I’m noticing is that my ping is at an absurdly high level, and it keeps increasing? Probs remote events

That would probably absolutely murder people using mobile phone data ^

k ill check i dont think so but i work on a team so…

I checked in all scripts did not find anything with humanoid, player, or health

Did anybody use free models in the game or you have any plugins installed?

i just disabled all plugins, my teammate uses some free models but i check for scripts always.

Checking for scripts won’t always help because they could hide it. You’d best be sure you’re checking all parts, any plugins your team installed, etc.

(Disabled plugins can suprisingly still run? I don’t know if that behavior changed yet though) Checking in explorer doesn’t mean its not there.

This should help you: How to remove backdoors from your game

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still… i searched in the explorer script, localscript, and module script and checked them all.

i will delete plugins

keeping ones like roundify that are well known.


Can you take a picture of your plugins page? I wanna verify they are by the right creator.

Can you also show your explorer menu in starterplayers, startercharacter, etc?

starterplayers is empty
roundify by stelrex
load character by alreadypro

By the looks of it, this has to be a virus we are dealing with, you should try deleting some scripts i mean just delete the content not the actual script cause if you do delete it then you can’t restore it, you can restore them by using CTRL+Z if it doesn’t work, or just look for help on an article

i’d be able to help.
samtheman#7181 most likley just a common virus or some malfunctioning script.

all the scripts are ones made by me.

oki how can u help? ive searched pretty much everything in the game


lol i set fallen parts destroy height to 5000 meaning to set it to -5000!

[sorry for taking your time!]

the ultimate, world’s most bruh moment (sorry for bump)

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