Why do i keep falling through the map?

this problem didn’t happen when my avatar was r15 but when i changed it to r6 it started making me fall through the map and i mean any object no matter what I spawn on I fall through and die if you need a more visual example of what i mean then here: https://gyazo.com/3393293ae83e8840678f2c02db520ba8

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Is the CanColliding on your map set to true?

yes when my avatar was r15 i didnt fall thru the map but now that i switched to r6 i am also it is set to can collide

Do you have any scripts in the game that may be causing this? Sending it here would help.

yes i think it is a script but its over 2000 lines long so im going search thru it my self i cause a error on purpose in the script and i didnt fall thru so that means its in my main local script

Check if the Head is correctly rigged and connected to the Torso. Check the character’s can collide and hip height

and why do you have a script that’s 2000 lines long…

that didnt work heres a video if it helps 1. https://gyazo.com/3393293ae83e8840678f2c02db520ba8

i would just keep searching through that main script and to make searching more efficient i would comment out large areas at a time (that don’t make errors) and if you cemented something out and it started working then look through that commented code and limit it down to find the culprit

This could be because of SpawnLocation positioning. Try moving them up and above the map.