Why do I keep getting these invisible faces?

Hi everyone. I’ve recently got into building and modeling. I was making a stadium but when I imported it to roblox studio, I keep getting it as ‘transparent’ ‘invisible’ kinda like it doesn’t exist. I used blender to make the buildings and use it as a obj to export. Here are some pictures, please help me if you can and how can I avoid stuff like this.

Imported from Blender into Roblox Studio, .

Once again, I thank all of you for reading this and responding.


It is because the faces are 2d and dont have a back face! Select the meshpart and toggle DoubleSided


Where do I find that? I can’t seem to find in anywhere.

Or, if you’ve already got a thickness to your Parts, in Blender there’s a tool tab top right with 2 circles, click it and check the box at the bottom of the toolbar that shows ‘Normals’ with a series of 3 squares with lines poking out of them. It’ll show you which way your faces are being displayed.

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get the mesh and select it

in the properties window turn on DoubleSided


You can either turn double sided on or use the solidify modifier in blender.


The issue with the DoubleSided property is if you’ve designed the Mesh with ‘thickness’ it’s going to make every side visible from both directions, meaning the inside of the Mesh will be displayed too. It’s only an issue if you’ve got lots of meshes or a laggy game, but something to consider.

DoubleSided is designed more for things like leaf Meshes, or thin objects like Paper, etc.

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