Why do my glass windows have a weird & unnatural diffraction effect?

I built some windows in Roblox modeled out of basic parts. They’re made up of some opaque materials for the frame, with a single glass pane inserted in the middle. In Roblox Studio, they look fine. In the actual game, each portion of each window gets an odd square diffraction effect. Screenshots below.

  1. I’m attempting to create mostly-transparent glass window panes with no diffraction.
  2. The issue is that odd diffraction happens when looking through the windows in-game. Here are some screenshots comparing the in-game issue versus how it normally looks in Studio:

Window diffraction as viewed from a player’s perspective:

Window diffraction viewed in-game from the server view:

As opposed to…
Same windows, but viewed in Roblox Studio without testing:

To clarify, all the screenshots are from Roblox Studio, the first two are just while testing and the second to aren’t.

I’d like to figure out a convenient way to fix this, and learn the source of the problem. Thanks!

this is very common for glass. if you change the thickness of the glass, it will disappear.
also i would suggest to use smoothplastic instead of glass because of the lag!
: D

its just common for the glass material. you can also try changing the transparency to get rid of it

This is because your graphic level is too low in Roblox Studio.

graphics level, check em


Roblox graphics are sorta weird now, as they kinda added some affects when you change your graphics level.

Studio defaults the graphics to not that high, so the resolution isn’t the exact same as in game if you’re playing with high graphics on.

Try playing with low graphics level and see if it’s how it looks in studio.