Why do my models have some sort of unorientation/tilt to them?


When I make a model in studio, then lets say place it in another game. The object is tilted and its so difficult to fix and its not perfect. Here is an image:

Is this a problem with roblox’s building tools? Is there a way to fix this without re-doing the entire model/map?


That’s because the model has some rotated parts. I just rotate the model back to 0 degrees when I place in my models. If you’re having a hard time turning it to 0 degrees, you just just select all the parts in the model, move down to orientation, and adjust it from there.

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Im not sure why this is happening, however, I think you can fix this by clicking on the model and dragging it rather than using move/rotate. Also, if you want to rotate/move this by clicking on each individual part, there will be offset, meaning you need to click the model.


The model wasn’t the problem, it was the grey part to its right that had some random orientation by like 1-2 degrees. Is there a way to prevent this without always going into properties and setting it to zero?

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You can just go to the rotation increments and change the value to 1-2 degrees, and then rotate the part carefully.

Does this help you? :slight_smile:

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