Why do my surface appearances work in studio but not in game?

How can I fix my surface appearances not loading properly in game? Every SA in the game does not load correctly, yet they work perfectly fine in studio.

I don’t have the “Failed to upload PBR texture pack” error in the studio logs, yet in game the output is full of it.

Our game heavily relies on SAs for the tyres and chassis of the cars and it seems like anytime we add new things, they all break. Before anyone says, it’s not my graphics settings either as they’re both max. Even after reverting to an older version (where the PBR 100% worked fine) it does not load them.
Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, I don’t use the Devforum very often.

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I think the log said “Failed to load” them then says "PBR textures may not be visible in game.

The exact error is “Failed to load SurfaceAppearance. PBR textures may not be visible in game. Please reinsert TextureID to retry”. Even after doing this it doesn’t fix the problem.

I believe suface appearance is still in beta

surface appearance is open beta, so that means it still only works on studio

It’s not, because it worked in this place before and works in my other games.It’s this specific place that seems to have the issue.