Why do my unions keep going unrendered in game and in studio

I am having issues where when i convert parts to a union, they appear invisible 90% of the time.

I have no clue on how to get these to load, or how to get unions to load in the game client itself as they do not load in.

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Those are called corrupt unions. There’s little you can do to fix them other than remaking the union from scratch. This is a reason why you should not use unions so often.

Corrupt unions usually won’t come back no matter what you do, you will most likely need to remake the union.


One time I just ununiuoned and reunioned

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Thats exactly the problem. You can not ununion them.

Heh… I had this problem once in the past, now I realize that unions are tricky to use, and can lead to trouble, like making too much can cause more lag. Today I learned that instead of union the parts, you could perhaps mesh them. Time comsuming but worth it if you do not want this problem to happen again…

Try negating then separate. If it doesn’t work out send a message we can discuss.

The problem is I get an error code when I negate the unions. I think I’m going to do what @cwd30 said and remake them.

Alright, I would recommend that. Maybe like what others said do not us as many unions because to remake huge unions could be time consuming and frustrating.