Why do Particle Emitters appear differently in Studio than when testing?

This is what my particle emitter acts like when I’m in Studio

And this is what it looks like when I test the game

Is there an easy solution or should I just edit the properties until it’s how I want in game.


Looks like you have studio set to a higher quality setting than regular Roblox gameplay, which affects the amount of particles emitted. You can turn up the settings and it should match up with how it looks when editing. For times where the particle count needs to be consistent between all qualities, :Emit() should still emit the exact same amount of particles across all quality levels.


This is a good work around!

Note if you can, it’s better to just let Roblox manage particle count, since Roblox can throttle these on lower end hardware.


Very sorry for the bump, but due to filtering enabled CaptainJadeFlames’s workaround no longer works, can somebody please give us a modern solution?

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