Why do scripts seem to act differently in studio than normal roblox?

Ive been learning scripting a lot recently and i noticed rarley some of my scripts act diffrently in roblox than in studios version of it. Why is that?

Its kinda annoying to have just finished a big script and then find out its broken in normal roblox…

I wanna know the answer, thats all! thanks

You’re not being specific enough, we don’t know how your scripts are acting, can you explain?

no no, im not having any issues with any of my scripts. i want to know why sometimes scripts act differently in roblox vs in studio

Like for example, maybe in studio im doing :waitforchild() and it works in studio but not in roblox

Like what? Give an example, there could be many reasons. Only thing I can recall right now is that sometimes closing a session in studio can cut off scripts before events can run like .PlayerRemoving, due to the server closing.

i just did i edited my post
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Studio is known for having higher RAM rates, it performs worse than in the real Roblox memory-wise, this can cause Instances to take a while to load, hence, causing this. Other than that I have no explanation.