Why do this with UIs?

So I recently came across a set of UIs which contain not only localscripts but server scripts as well as remote events within the UI - allowing these server scripts to modify server workspace.

I was wondering what the drawbacks of this was and why anybody would do this.


Doesn’t seem to be of any harm for me.


Would it not mean that the client is running server code though? Leading to security problems?

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Depending on the use for the UI, the local scripts, server scripts and remote events might be needed if the UI is used to manipulate/interact with the server. Do note, that exploiters can fire RemoteEvents, so it is advised to implement checks in the local and server scripts.

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Would it not be better to keep events within ReplicatedStorage though?

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I’m not that advanced in scripting, but I believe it’s to find the event easier. It’s probably like that because it’s the only required event that will be needed. I am not sure though, sorry if this is wrong.

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No the code is still being run by the server. No hacker can penetrate the server script.

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Does it make more sense to keep it there rather than having it inside something like ServerScriptService?

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Usually I see this inside of toolbox items, where they put everything in one place so all you have to do to set it up is to move the item into a Service and it works

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No but some psychopaths do consider putting it there. I am just telling OP that its nothing to worry about mainly.

So is it better practice to keep it in the UI rather than ServerScriptService?

No its not a good practise. I am just saying its harmless.

Ah ok I didn’t know which way round you were talking about it lol. Thanks

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