Why do we have to use Profile:AddUserId() in ProfileService?

As I understand, each player has the right to have their data erased from games according to GDPR. A player can request that from Roblox, and game developers would have to unassociate the player’s ID from their profile.

My question is: what is this “assocation” that you create using Profile:AddUserId(), and why do we need it? Don’t we already create a separate unique name for every profile using the player’s ID like this:

local profile = ProfileStore:LoadProfileAsync("Player_" .. player.userID, "ForceLoad") 
-- We specify the key(unique name) of every profile with "Player_" .. player.userID

Why do we have to explicitly make an “association” with a profile using Profile:AddUserId() if we already have the player’s ID and we are using it to mark the player’s profile? Can’t we somehow delete the player’s data without this “association” since we are using the player’s ID already?

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