Why does a thread on the DevForum "die" after the first few replies?

One of my biggest problems with the Devforum is that when I post about a problem asking for help, sometimes the people who reply first don’t give me the answer I’m looking for, and after the first few replies, the post seemingly isn’t noticed anymore.

I assume this is because of the New and Unread which is how the post gets found in the first place, but I’m not sure.

(Sorry if this is the wrong category to post in.)


This should be in #forum-feedback.

Most people don’t reply because:

  1. Your post isn’t formatted correctly and doesn’t include what it should.
  2. It is a question most don’t have an answer to.
  3. Your post isn’t understandable.

For example, if you’re posting your entire 100-line script in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, then don’t expect many replies because no one has the time to read through all the lines and see what the error is. On the other hand, if you just put the lines where the error occurred, and some contextual information, then the solution can be tackled much more easily.


Please read category guidelines before posting threads. If you aren’t sure where a thread belongs, check out other categories first or contact a Community Editor or Sage for help deciding an appropriate category. Don’t post in a random category.

Meta discussions of the forum belong in #forum-feedback. Discussion is for topics related to development on the Roblox platform. These are clarified in the category summaries and guidelines, which you should always read first (unless you’re familiar with category use here).

I also encourage you to search for threads before posting too. There’s been other threads about this in the same vein, regarding lack of replies.


And another reason, is, they just don’t want to. I and many others read a ton of topics that could more could probably be added to, but just don’t want to reply to them. Anyone can reply for any reason. Nobody is entitled to a response.

  1. Your post is vague
  2. People don’t want to answer it
  3. There are so many threads created each our, going through old threads that you already viewed takes too much time
  4. People don’t want to reply because there are no “Likes”
  5. The question is too hard
  6. The thread is becoming unprofessional
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Thanks for the responses. Sorry for your inconveniences.

It also can be bad luck.