Why does baseplate glow?

Making a small little creepy game and every 7-15 seconds the audio distorts and the lighting changes. One second after, it goes back to normal and loops back around.

However, I notice when it changes the lighting, the baseplate just glows. And it stays glowing. How do I fix this? Here is my code:

while true do
	task.wait(math.random(7, 15))
	workspace.Simple.PitchShiftSoundEffect.Octave = 0.7
	workspace.Baseplate.Color = Color3.new(155,0,0)
	game.Lighting.Ambient = Color3.new(155,0,0)
	game.Lighting.OutdoorAmbient = Color3.new(155,0,0)
	game.Lighting.Brightness = 1
	game.Lighting.Weather_Sky.Parent = game.ReplicatedStorage
	game.ReplicatedStorage.Sky.Parent = game.Lighting
	workspace.Simple.PitchShiftSoundEffect.Octave = 1
	workspace.Baseplate.Color = Color3.new(99, 95, 98)
	game.Lighting.Ambient = Color3.new(138, 138, 138)
	game.Lighting.OutdoorAmbient = Color3.new(138, 138, 138)
	game.Lighting.Brightness = 2
	game.Lighting.Sky.Parent = game.ReplicatedStorage
	game.ReplicatedStorage.Weather_Sky.Parent = game.Lighting

It doesn’t support Color3.new() so it will set it to be a really high number.

I currently can’t use studio right now.

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Adding onto what @simpIifies said, Color3.new has 3 values, but each value goes from 0 - 1. In this case, you used Color3.new and used high values (0 - 255) which is only supported in Color3.fromRGB.

So recommended to change from Color3.new to Color3.fromRGB()

(p.s: if you really wanna use color3.new, divide it by a RGB number (0 - 255) like this: Color3.new(175/255, 4/255, 9/255) which can also be translated to: Color3.fromRGB(175, 4, 9) [it doesn’t have to be the values of what I put, you can put any, but divide it by 255.





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Ah okay thanks, also the post right above yours. I haven’t really used studio in a while and that makes more sense