Why does it not kick me?

Hey developers,
I am making a ban system for my upcoming admin utility, however I do not get kicked.

No errors in the output.

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When your handling bans, use UserId, not PlayerName as with 1000 bobux they can change that name and not be banned anymore

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Use require() on setup or it won’t work


In the first screenshot you use require*

I knowed this tip, it is just for testing purposes.

It should look like local setup = require(STEPS_TO_MODULE_SCRIPT)

@rufsie I did not got kicked. Confusing.

Are you trying to the setup variable from the Settings script? That’s not possible, I think you meant to make the Settings script into a modulescript and require that

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It is not a module script. Which one should be a module?

Did you do require(game.ServerScriptService.Mithic_Public.Settings.setup) ?

Turn the Settings Script into a ModuleScript and require it in the first screenshot via

local setup = require(game.ServerScriptService.Mithic_Public.Settings)

Let me go in test mode and see.

Still not kicked. Yep what is the issue now?

I think at the end of the ModuleScript, you have to return the module, since I don’t think you did that. Basically, at the end of all those module.Stuff, do return setup

setup is not a valid member of ModuleScript “ServerScriptService.Mithic_Public.Settings”

Remove .setup from the require, you can’t directly require a variable from a module

Okay, let me try doing so then re going in test mode. Time to test back.

Ding ding ding. Here what the console has to say:

Again, it’s probably cause you’re not returning the module. At the end of the Settings Module, add return setup

In the MainScript too? Cause I did it on both.