Why does my game look good at day, but terrible at night?

Don’t really know where to put this, Please tell me if i should post it in a different topic.

Pretty much what the title says, my game looks pretty good at day but terrible at night.
At night, the shadows and lighting are very off.

Screen shots:


*dont mind the other stuff

NOTE: These were all taken at 1 graphics. even at the max, this still occurs.
Any help would be appreciated. The Lighting Technology is “shadowmap”.


If you are aiming for a more artistical and atmospheric environment, try:

  • Lowering the brightness
  • Creating a more darker fog and make it start and end closer to the player
  • Using street lamps and windows as main light sources

I am trying these now, thank you. however the fog one i can’t do as my game is a combat game, and I feel like fog would be annoying to play with.

The brightness did not do much, and i do have some street lamps that turn on at night but adding a light source for every single window would take a long time.

You can do it automatically using a script.

for _, v in pairs(game.Workspace:GetDescendants()) do
if v:IsA("Part") and v.Name == "Window" then
local light = Instance.new("PointLight")
--Customise the light here
light.Parent = v

Dunno how helpful this will be. My code writings skills aren’t on point yet on this device. You’ll have to add checks for the time yourself, I haven’t really worked a lot with Lighting yet. Make sure to reply again if you have any issues!

I’m not trying to straight up ask for scripts, but the windows are groups and not individual parts,
wouldn’t this make things more complicated? Or does it just not matter? I’m not really a scripter, I really only know print.

It makes it more complicated yes, but its easier to use large scale. It means you won’t have to manually add lights to every part, and if you add more windows in the future it will automatically add the lights to them as well.

As for the grouping, GetDescendants() checks for everything, including children of children and so on. You just have to name the glass part of the window ‘Window’ (or change the V.Name line). Shouldn’t matter as long as they all have the same name.

Thanks you, ill be trying this soon, but could you please tell me where I should put this script in? (Workspace, etc.)

Put it in a regular Script in ServerScriptService.

I looked at the errors and it says the “end” part at the well, end has an error. As well as the “v” right before it. I don’t know if I’m right but isn’t “end” usually “end)”

There should’ve been a second end at the end of the script; I’ve edited my original answer to include it now. I have to go to sleep now, so if it still doesn’t work and nobody else has chimed in by then I can make sure the script works properly after school.

alright, goodnight lol. thanks for the help.

Try adding a script which will add a black-colored fog when it’s night to give night time a better effect. This worked for me when I was developing my game. You can also try to change the star count via the Sky asset for Lighting as well as the hitbox.

as said in one of my previous reply’s, I feel like fog would make the game annoying to play at night. (My game is a combat game) Although since two people have suggested it I might try the fog one. And, what do you mean by “Hitbox”? skyboxes don’t have hitboxes, as far as I’m sure.

Yeah sorry, I meant skybox not hitbox lol …

That’s what i thought you meant lol. and the star count increase didn’t seem to do anything

Please, come join me in my game. I’m currently at work now, but I’ve been meticulously studying day and night lighting because of Roblox’s graphics. I’d be excited to explain everything I’ve encountered and learned over the past month.

I apologize for the edits, I’m very strict about how I communicate. Here’s the link.


I think I see the issue here … you have a very high contrast and saturation level, this is causing all light sources (point lights, sun, suface lights, etc.) to render darker than usual. For example, this issue is also occuring on this house in your game. Bright light source, yet still very dark.


my saturation is at 0.1 I believe. also, how do I see how high my contrast is?

both of them are, actually

You can see your contrast in ColorCorrectionsEffect, if you have that in Lighting.

did that and it didn’t seem to do much.