Why does my game randomly remove someone's humanoid?

There’s a problem in my game where the player’s character loses it’s humanoid for no reason and just become a block on the floor, i have no scripts that remove the humanoid (i’ve checked them all) so i have no idea how to fix it

This is kind of what it looks like when they get in this state

The console just says they have no humanoid

It’s really affecting my game but i have no idea what causes it.
Any help will be appreciated.

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Look in your scripts, they may contain a virus. Adding onto this, some plugins insert stupid amounts of scripts into your games workspace and service everytime you join studio.

Ensure your plugins downloaded are safe, also look for any getfenv() codes.

As well as this, you can use control shift and F to search for the work Humanoid, or Destroy()


Thanks for this however, i have already done this.

i also added all the scripts into another game (literally everything) and this bug has not occured once.

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gonna bump this because i desperately need this solved

Try to track when the humanoid gets destroyed using the .Destroying event on it and observe when and where it gets deleted.