Why does my GUI animation not work?

Hi, it’s me again! So I’m working on a plugin and want to create an animation based on the ClipsDescendants property. But there is a problem:

So if I want to tween my GUI here, it’s fine for now. But after that Instead of Gui stopping and the ClipsDescendants property doing its job, the Gui gets smaller while i am using a UIAspectRatioConstraint.

EDIT: I recently found out that when I create the size of my gui with Scale, it will not work and has the problem of you see on my video. However, if I create another gui with offset, my animation will work. So new question:
How can I convert scale to offset (and not offset to scale)?

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Ok, just solved this. Idk why but it works if i use offset instead of scale, strange but ok.

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