Why does my shirt disappear when I wear it?

I made my first shirt on roblox and when I uploaded it, I couldn’t wear it.
It is just invisible.
I don’t think this shirt is under moderation check right now as it shows an “X” in the clothes icon.

Photo of the uploaded shirt

Shirt template

(Kodeń is a name of the small village)

The shirt (I think) doesn’t have anything that goes against the TOS roblox. I also didn’t get any warning or ban from moderation.

Tried uploading the shirt again or just checking the clothes in roblox studio. Neither of these methods worked.
Does anyone know how I can fix this?


Just wait for the shirt to be processed. Give it a day or two and check and see if it works then.


When I was a noob on my old account it would take at least 1 day, but now only 5 minutes.
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If your uploading account didn’t receive any warning messages, it’s possible that staff moderated incorrectly.
It isn’t visible when worn because the outfit is violated during moderated.

Contact Roblox Support if you haven’t received a refund.

It’s like that, mods accept the shirt but it doesn’t show up until it fully loads. Just wait 5-10 minutes or maybe a day and it should work again, that’s what’s worked for me whenever I make shirts.

Edit: Seems like the shirt DID get moderated and deleted, that’s why it didn’t work.

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Usually when it has a picture like that there is an issue with the shirt. When there is an issue with the shirt it usually goes transparent.

Like a number of people said, there is a problem with the shirt

If you searched dominus t shirt or something for the buttons, and uploaded it, it would look just like that

I thought maybe it was not approved beforehand because it was getting a free dominus

It’s me, from the future.
I found out that you can contact rRoblox by roblox support website and report this common bug.
They will most likely get it back.
It’s the only way to do it.

It’s because Roblox moderate the new content like shirts so it take a little bit of time.

Also it wasn’t done 3 months after you uploaded it???

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