Why does my sword only work when I put it in starterpack

So when I put sword in starterpack, everything works fine, however if i have it in serverstorage and past it into the players backpack (turning disabled on the local script inside the sword from true to false), it doesn’t work. I am using raycasthitbox. I have spent a full week pulling my hair out because i cannot find the issue, so if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Try using Humanoid:EquipTool() instead of directly parenting it into their backpack

and then enable the local script again? (after the tool is equipped?)

Yes, presuming there’s a function connected to Tool.Equipped that will enable the script

How come it is not letting me equip sword from serverscript, after cloning it from serverstorage?

Parent it to the backpack before equipping it (player.Backpack)

Ok, I have cloned the sword from serverstorage, put it into backpack, equipped it, then turned disabled on the local script to true, still doesn’t work. When firing the remote event to the server, it fires, but when it doesn’t seem to pick up something has hit the blade (newHitBox.OnHit does not fire)

Do you have a script that goes along the lines of

   LocalScript.Disabled = false

to enable the script once its equipped?

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