Why does my tweened text function the 1st time but not the next?

so basically im working on a clicker simulator with a twist but the problem in this script is that the tween happens the first time but the next times the text seems to just get visible with no tween please help me in this script :slight_smile:

x = script.Parent
plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer or game.Players.PlayerAdded:Wait()
leaderstats = plr.leaderstats
reb = leaderstats.Rebirths
cash = leaderstats.Clicks
txt = x.Parent.Warning

	if cash.Value >= 100 then
		reb.Value = reb.Value + 1
		cash.Value = 0
		print(plr.Name.. " Has Got".. reb.Value.. "  Worth Of Rebirth (s) ! Keep Going !")
		print("Not Enough Clicks To Rebirth! Try After Getting 100 Clicks !")
		txt.Visible = true
		txt:TweenPosition(UDim2.new(0.018, 0, -0.66,0), "Out",  "Elastic")
		txt.Visible = false

You have to move the label back to its initial position before tweening again.

oh but how? please tell me :slight_smile:

Before tweening (preferably above the event), you can define a variable to store the initial position.

local textPosition = txt.Position

Then use it to reset the position after hiding the label.

txt.Position = textPosition 

doesnโ€™t work :frowning: idk the issue