Why does my 'water' not get lit up when facing one side while it does on another?

So, I was just creating a little map for a game I am making and it has to have some murky water in it. I have a flashlight built into my game as well and when I face towards one direction, it lights up the water, but when I face the other, it doesn’t?

Obviously my map is nowhere near done, but I see no point of going on any further with my map if the water won’t work. It does this with any part material, and I just can’t seem to figure it out.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

is this using parts or using the water terrain? I’m not sure if theres a solution to this but it has to do with the normal direction and the inside faces won’t light up
there may be a solution if it’s the terrain water but theres really no way to fix it if you’re using parts

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Sorry for the really late response but it is parts.

Thanks for your reply and I’ll try to go about a different way of making water.

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