Why does only handle show up?

so i made a gear and it has things and stuff but for some reson it only shows the handle not the part



Roblox only displays parts/models called handle, so anything that isn’t in a handle or isn’t a handle doesn’t display when you hold it. put the all the parts in a model and name the model handle.

By default, tools are held in the right hand and have a handle in them, which is a Part named “Handle” inside (though one is not required if Tool.RequiresHandle is off)

ok thx ima try it out righ now

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but now it shows it on baseplate https://gyazo.com/0f98220e5cc87520d7f53977460efb3f

can you try to re-explain your problem to me? I don’t think I understand what you mean.

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Instead of trying to separate the different parts of your tool into a handle and everything that’s not a handle, a good idea would be to weld all of your extra parts to the handle.

Hope this helps.

This plugin does exactly that.

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Oops I used the wrong weapon but ok so I’m making a gear but when you equipped it only shows one part and that part is the handle but I put the the parts in the handle inside but it only shows the handle

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I think your putting parts inside a part, I don’t think you should be doing that. try move all your parts outside of part, and put it in a model.

pretty much:

dont do this
do this

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ok got it ima try it tommorw and if i call the model handle would it also work

Did you read the documentation Roblox has about tools?

Tool | Roblox Creator Documentation
Intro to Player Tools – Weapons, Wands, etc.
In-Experience Tools | Roblox Creator Documentation

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So did it works?

Because you said you will try tomorrow so now I think you have tried.