Why does qPerfectionWeld script destroy my character

I’ve been trying for a long time to a weld one part to my players back. I’ve tried to use qPerfectionWeld script by Quenty to achieve this but I want to only load the script into my player when the game is running.

The script works when I put it in something before the game runs but not when the player clicks a button.

I don’t know if there’s a proper way to load the script into the game or it has something to do with the script itself.

Here is a video of my character dieing in the game. I have the qPerfectionWeld script in the character model of my player. I don’t know what I am doing incorrect.

I’ve looked on Youtube, I’ve looked on Devforum. There are posts similar to my post but I didn’t see any exactly like mine.

I have this code that I want when a gui button is clicked then a part is inserted when I click the button and the part gets welded to character from the weld script. I suppose that the qPerfection weld script would automatically update any child added to the character model.

-- This is an example Lua code block

local part = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("Part")
local btnEvt = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):("BtnEvt")

	if player.Character then
		local partCopy = part:Clone()
		partCopy.Parent = player.Character


If I could have explained myself any better let me know. Any help would be great.


Do you have to use qPerfectionWeld or could you just use a WeldConstraint

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I could just use a Weld Constraint but that didn’t work either because when I moved my player the weld would snap and fall through the world.

weld constraints work fine for me
robloxapp-20221231-1411435.wmv (1.7 MB)

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Is this for when you weld parts to your character? They don’t fall off?

i just used a weld constraint to my uppertorso and a part

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local a = Instance.new(“Attachment”, rbx)
local b = Instance.new(“Attachment”, rbx)
local c = Instance.new(“Attachment”, rbx)
local d = Instance.new(“Attachment”, rbx)

local w = Instance.new(“Weld”, rbx)
w.Part0, w.Part1 = rbx, rbx
w.C0, w.C1 = c0, c1

local function UpdateWeld(rbx, c0, c1)
local a, b, c, d = a, b, c, d
a.Position = c0.p
b.Position = c1.p
c0 = CFrame.new(a.Position)
c1 = CFrame.new(b.Position)
w.C0, w.C1 = c0, c1

local function GetWeld(rbx)
local a, b, c, d = a, b, c, d
a.Position = rbx.CFrame.p
b.Position = rbx.Parent.CFrame:toObjectSpace(rbx.CFrame).p
local c0 = CFrame.new(a.Position)
local c1 = CFrame.new(b.Position)
return c0, c1

local function UpdateWeld()
local c0, c1 = GetWeld(rbx)
UpdateWeld(rbx, c0, c1)

local function NoOutliers(t, d)
local n = #t
local m = math.floor(n / 2)
if n >= 3 then
local t1 = t[1]
local t2 = t[n]
local tm = t[m]
if t1 + d >= tm or tm >= t2 - d then
t[1] = tm
t[n] = t