Why does roblox keep flagging my game's name as god damn innapropiate

First off I would like to say yes, this is in fact in the wrong category but I do not have the Regular trust rank so therefore I CANNOT move this to a different category. No, seriously. Roblox Staff, stop sending me dang messages about this. I have LITERALLY no option to change the category to the right one.

anyway, as I was going to say, since when and why is “BaH: The Game” a “swear word”?

So basically, it’s called “Bored as Hell: The Game”. It didn’t go through (but I guess that could be acceptable due to the word “hell”? Though other games such as Tower of Hell have that word and nothing happened that apparently got the title moderated?). Then I tried changing the word hell to “heck” in both the description and the game’s title itself. Also didn’t go through. So now, BaH. Doesn’t go through either.

EDIT: yeah probably a studio bug (dunno tho), since i don’t think test would be banned aswell lmfao.

(roblox use your money to fix your goddamn system rather than buying random companies for millions of dollars)

okay yep it was a bug, fixed now.

I was going to say it might be the “BaH” part but cuz of the name “test” not going pass it kinda looks like a bug.

Ngl I do agree with you that they should use there money to fix systems rather then buying companies which have no real point.

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