Why does Roblox Studio always erase 1 - 10 minutes of work whenever it crashes?

I just lost 10 or so minutes of work on a project because Roblox Studio decided to give birth to a crash that erased part of my progress when I reloaded it.

I always abuse the save button as I press it after practically every action I do. Regardless of such, it erases everything within the mentioned timeframe and no AutoSaves are available. It is incredibly frustrating to put up with and this is not the first time it has happened to me.

My Studio build is up to date. The reason the error occurred was because I use CSGv1 since v2 creates floating point error sizes (ending in .002 or whatever) and makes my builds shift-y and not clean. Upon using the separation tool on a union that was made with v2, it crashed (see image above) and erased my recent progress.

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I suggest you lower your auto save option from 10 minutes to five.

When this happens to me I notice that it fails to save for those 10 mins before hand. The error is actually helpful in this sense, as it stops you going beyond 10 mins of the saves failing.

Why they fail is still a mystery to me. If you can gather enough data for a bug report then go for it. I’ve historically struggled to find anything useful in any logs or dumps.

If your saves are really super important, either save to a new name each time, and check the file creates, or check the date modified on your save files after saving.

@Krunnie I believe they are describing that they’ve manually saved lots of times in those ten minutes, not that the autosave was from 10 mins ago.



First of all, you might wanna check the Roblox Studio crash logs and send them to @studio-crash-reports, from which they will look into the issue, and if necessary, redirect it to a software engineer or any other related person who works for Roblox.

Usually, when I work with savings, it never erases everything. It may depend on the crash log maybe.

I don’t think this is the right category for such a topic post though, I might be wrong.

How does one navigate to the crash logs?

  • Cause Studio to crash following your repro steps,
    then go to C:\Users\your userName\AppData\Local\Roblox\logs and upload the most recent log file to a DM with @bug-files

  • Please also keep the crash DMP file generated at the same time as the log file, we may ask you to send it to staff.

They will get back to you as soon as possible.

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You don’t need to DM the sages. Add it to your bug report - staff members check the bug categories fairly frequently. Edit your original message so they don’t have to trawl the replies for it.

Engineers look at bugs - that’s why New Members can’t post straight here without approval.

Edit: Oops, sensitive info exists.

Don’t post the DMP file publicly as it may contain sensitive information. See:


I have my auto save set as a 5 minute interval (but I work relatively quickly so it’s best I make this shorter if possible)

Set your autosave interval shorter depending on how quick you work;
If you work quickly - set it to a short interval (and vice versa).

You can do this in studio settings.
Click File > Settings > Studio > Auto-recovery

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how exactly do you manually save ?

by publishing, or saving locally ? (or saving to roblox)

.as for the unions, i would recommend that you make them in a seperate baseplate world, publish to roblox, then download from roblox said union into the auctal game. (to stem the issue at its source).