Why does this bodyvelocity not move the parent?


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Depending on where it’s being added or updated from, the possibilites could be:

  1. The HumanoidRootPart is Anchored
  2. The HumanoidRootPart is welded or otherwise affixed to something that’s Anchored or very massive
  3. The BodyVelocity is being created and/or adjusted from a client script but the client does not have network ownership of the part.
  4. Some other constraint we’re not seeing in the screenshot is cancelling the force
  5. The assembly is asleep (not being simulated). Generally, flipping part.Anchored to true and immediately back to false will reveal if this is the issue.

Well, the funny thing is that this actually works on my character but funnily enough not any other character, for example: a rig, or the player2 in test. I’ve checked if it’s anchored or welded to something big, no it is not. It is being created from a client script, but it works on my character though?

The issue is #3 then. You have network ownership of your own LocalPlayer.Character Model, given to you by the server. Scripts on your client cannot change the BodyVelocity properties of another player’s character or a server-owned NPC, the change has to be done from a server script or from a local script on the other player’s client. If you mean for Player A to be able to change the body velocity of Player B, you’ll have to have Player A’s client send a RemoteEvent to the server to do it.

You may want to use LinearVelocity instead of BodyPosition since it’s been deprecated for a while now.

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