Why does this crosshair scale like this?

Hey devforum, I am having some trouble scaling my crosshair. I have already seen a post with a similar problem, but it hasn’t been solved.

The problem:

How I want the UI to be:

Wide screen size:

Square screen size:

Im using 4 frames inside a frame for this. I have tried using UIaspectratioconstraints but they don’t work too well and they are hard to use.

Thanks for reading.

You could just use an image. I’d imagine it’d be a lot simpler and would work with AspectRatioConstraints very well. The only drawback is it couldn’t be dynamic unless you wanted to use some sort of spritesheet.

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I suggest not going for aspect-ratio constraints, but rather using pixels for crosshairs. What I like to do is to make the crosshairs frames dependant on the AnchorPoint for the positioning, and pixels for the scaling.

Here’s an example of what I mean:
Crosshair stuff.rbxm (2.3 KB)

Insert this file into a ScreenGui, and hopefully it’ll work.

tl;dr, just learn how to use anchor point and pixel scaling, helps a LOT when UI designing.


Hey, one question. How can I keep the size of the frames? Bigger screens make the crosshair too fat:

image How I want it.

image How it is in bigger screen sizes.

In that case, I have no clue. I’ve never really focused on that, since the crosshair would GENERALLY be the same on every screen (except mobile)

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Thank you very much, I was struggling for hours.