Why does this frame keep moving to the left on different screen sizes?


I’m making a leaderboard and want it to be positioned right under the little menu toggle in the top right. In studio, it looks like this;


In an actual game, it looks like this;


I am using scale for everything, along with a UI constraint for mostly every frame. I also have IgnoreGuiInset enabled. What can be causing the frame to shift that dramatically?

I would recommend getting the AutoScale plugin by ZacBytes

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It’s because of the resolution of the different screens (I think), a plugin like
AutoScale (Lite) would help with this.
There are also AutoScale Plus and Nightly versions that cost robux.

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If you aren’t already, you should really use the AnchorPoint property. As your frame is meant to be aligned to the right side of the screen, you should set the X value of AnchorPoint to 1.


The scale property should fix this since it is based on a percentage.

I have this plugin as well already. I’ve even tried anchorpoint, nothing seems to be working. This is very odd as I’ve never had this issue before.

try putting the two frames in on frame and autoscale it