[Plugin] AutoScale Plus for GUIs

Hi guys, my latest plugin is now out for sale! :confetti_ball:

What is AutoScale Plus? :question:
This plugin is a premium version of AutoScale Lite. It adds on to the basic functionality of AutoScale and includes more features such as automation and setting new defaults for GuiObjects.

More Functionality
I only focused on adding automation to this plugin. In the near future, I will be adding several features to help scale your GUI. (Currently experimenting on text constraints)


-recommended settings I use

Plugin Link



P.S. toolbar icons may take some time to load because I made a custom function to ensure that all existing gui has been loaded already. Thanks for supporting me :flushed: :point_right::point_left:


I want to thank you wholeheartedy for these awesome plugins! :heart:

Your AutoScale Lite has already helped the UI Designers (including me) a lot! It would not be possible for me to be a successful UI designer who can make UIs compatiable for all devices! And this one is going to save my time. In lite, I had to click on the “Scale to Pos” every time I inserted something. But now, it automatically scales. I sometimes forget to scale after inserting, but this problem is fixed now! Can’t wait to see more cool updates!


Was contacted to keep it in cool creations :stuck_out_tongue:

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I already use the regular now “lite” version of this plugin, I cannot wait to buy it, how long approximately is the sale going to be on for? Ill be able to buy it in a couple of days

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150 installs, but may or may not extend it due to popular demand

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Okay, I cannot wait to purchase this

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Ah, thats because you set the anchor point to centre! Will make a fix for this to adjust the position accordingly if this setting is enabled.

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Oh lol, I am just too dumb. Btw, the plugin is really helpful and gonna save my time. I don’t have to scale it everytime I insert something.

Just released a new update. Also renamed Default Pos in Scale to Default Pos in Offset since Roblox already uses scale position by default.

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AutoScale Lite is an incredible plugin, since I started being part of the Developers, I tried several plugins but the one that has been the best for me has been yours. When someone wants help with their GUI, I always recommend your plugin, thanks for everything.
Unfortunately I do not have robux to buy this plugin at the moment but believe me that once I have it, the first thing I will do is buy it. :grin::ok_hand:
A question, once activated I only have to add GUIs?

I will be watching more plugins created by you. :eyes:

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Yes! Any compatible guiobject inserted into startergui will have the settings auto applied! No more manually pressing Scale!

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Is there a way to change the TextScale and AnchorPoint using a button?

And if you need, I’d be happy to help work on the plugin. :slight_smile:

Not as of now, but I will consider adding it. I dont want to add too many buttons to toolbar

Thank you!
Maybe 1 button and then a widget of the buttons?


50% off sale has been extended to 200 installs!

Hey there!

So i bought the plugin because i’m having some trouble on my main menu buttons.
I’m using UIAspectRatioConstraints on the buttons so that they look nice and clean, but came up with a problem. It looks fine on a laptop but looks very spacious on a phone screen.

Here’s what i want for it to look like (laptop)

Here’s what it looks like on phone

Any way to fix this with or without the plugin?


Can you screenshot your layout in explorer?

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Every ‘Round’ image button have the same children. The logo is at the very bottom.

The ‘Round’ image button acts like a frame to the button that is actually pressed, and the displayed button (so the actual image that you can see on every button).

Try putting a uilistlayout in the frame and change padding to offset

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